Annual Report

2022 Annual Report Statistics

2022 Annual Report

Each year the City of North Platte Fire Department produces an annual report containing statistical information on its service to the community. The fire department saw a drastic increase in call volume and higher acuity level of patient care needed in 2022. This was attributed to being 2.5 years post the height of the COVID19 pandemic and life returning back to normal. In 2022, the fire department had a total of 3,966 calls to service. Which was up 229 total calls from 2021’s numbers. Many months were in the double digits more than the previous years call volume. December was a record month with 382 calls to service, which was 47 more than the previous year in 2021. Our long standing average of 10 calls per day increased to an average of 11 calls per day in 2022.

Fire Calls

The North Platte Fire Department saw a increase in responses that required a fire engine from 460 in 2021 to 491 in 2022.

Emergency Medical Services

During 2022, North Platte Fire Department personnel responded to 3,475 Emergency/Medical/Ambulance calls. Which was an increase in the departments EMS call volume from 3,277 in 2021.

2022 Total Overlapping Call Volume 

1241 calls or 31.29% of our total call volume were calls that overlapped other calls for service within the City of North Platte and North Platte Rural Fire Districts. Which was an increase from 1152 calls or 30.83% in 2021.

2022 Mutual Aid Provided

205 Tiered & Automatic responses to provide paramedic/ambulance services which was an increase from 163 calls in 2021.


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