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Utility Billing


Municipal Light & Water Department – Services

Municipal Light & Water is responsible for providing customer service for electric, water and sewer customers. The customer service personnel are available to answer questions customers have regarding their utility bills and to process orders for transfer of service for utility customers that are moving.

To provide this service, Municipal Light & Water has on staff meter readers who read the customer’s electric and water meters, a clerical staff for verifying and rendering utility bills and processing utility payments. As a convenience to our customers, utility bills sent from our office include a return self addressed envelope for customers to use if paying by mail. These envelopes require no addressing. Customers can either mail their payments to P.O. Box 490 or drop them off at the office located at 201 West 3rd Street (corner of 3rd and Vine). Our office is staffed from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. Customers arriving after normal business hours can use the night depository. We provide a drive-through service window for your convenience and we have online bill paying at eCare. For customers who need to reach us in case of emergency or after hours, our phones are answered 24 hours a day. We also offer a budget billing program, an automatic bank withdrawal or payment by credit card. If you would like to take advantage of either of these programs, please call our Customer service personnel at (308) 535-6740.

Peak Usage Billable Hours

By curtailing electric usage, the City of North Platte can help Nebraska Public Power District use our energy resources wisely.  With curtailment we help reduce the need to buy power on the open market, postpone the building of new power plants, and do our part in keeping electric rates low.

North Platte’s peak conditions for the winter season (October through May) are during subzero temperatures with wind chills, from 8 through 10 am and 6 through 10 pm.  Billable hours from Nebraska Public Power District to City of North Platte are 8 am thru 10 pm, Monday thru Saturday.

North Platte’s summer peak conditions (June through September) revolve around air conditioning, water usage and daily billable hours.  Historically, peak usage hours are from 3 through 8 pm, when temperatures reach 95 degrees and higher.  Summer billable hours are administered daily by Nebraska Public Power District to the City of North Platte, Sunday through Saturday.

Daily billable hours

Illicit Discharge Incident Form

Illicit discharge is any intentional or unintentional dumping of any substance other than storm water or fire suppression water into a municipal storm drainage system. All citizens are encouraged to report incidents involving illicit discharge and activities related to illegal dumping.

Illicit Discharge Hotline Form