Park Index

Cody Park: North Platte’s flagship park is Cody Park.  The park has 3 playground areas, river front activities, large grass areas as well as plentiful trees that offer an inviting place for people of all ages to relax and play.  Art & craft shows, car shows, music events and other activities use the park throughout the year.

Memorial Park:  Towards the east end of town lies Memorial Park.  Numerous memorial benches and trees as well as the Memorial garden make up this beautiful park.  In addition a covered shelter, picnic areas, tennis courts, a basketball/pickleball court and splash pad give patrons many activities to choose from.  There is also a steam locomotive on display.   Memorial Park hosts birthday parties, family reunions and car shows and enjoys numerous activities throughout the year.

St. Mary’s Park:  Not far from Memorial Park is St. Mary’s Park.  This triangle shaped park has a small basketball court, picnic areas and a mid-sized playground area.

Pioneer Park:  A green space where the “one-ways” come together.  This small “pocket park” has grass, flowers and trees.

Centennial Park:   The main area for soccer and little league baseball in North Platte, Centennial Park also has a large greenspace that can be used for different activities including pee-wee football, soccer and kite flying.  Centennial has a small playground and sand volleyball courts, a large gazebo, picnic areas, batting cages for little league baseball use and North Platte’s only skate park.

Eisenhower Park :  Located behind Eisenhower school, this park features a couple of practice ball fields and 2 soccer fields.

Blackledge Park:  North Platte’s newest park.  Keith Blackledge Park is a downtown “pocket park” attraction that offers greenspace, trees, flowers, bushes and a water feature that adds color and scenery to downtown.  As well, benches offer a place for people to relax and enjoy the downtown experience.

Orabella Park:  Orabella Park is a beautiful neighborhood park that includes picnic areas, playground equipment and a small basketball court.

Kriz Park:  Dorothy Kriz Memorial Park is unique in that it is not abutting a street but instead has alleys running its length along the north and south.  This neighborhood park has a small basketball court, picnic areas, open grass areas and a small playground.

Iron Horse Park:  Iron Horse Park just south of Interstate 80 is a welcoming park for travelers, visitors and the citizens of North Platte.  Thousands of people stop each year to honor our veterans at the 20th Century Veterans Memorial.  The addition of the Law Enforcement Memorial and Kiwanis donated playground equipment has greatly added to the use of this park.

South Park:  This is land located at Buffalo Bill and Walker Road and is undeveloped at this time

West 2nd Street Park:  This is a large parcel of land located adjacent to Fire Station #2 in the Dixie and West 2nd Street area and is undeveloped at this time.

Wilderness Parks: These parks cover two areas along the South Platte River in the west area of North Platte.  The first being behind Centennial Park and running to Buffalo Bill street. The other is just south of Bare Street and north of the South Platte River.  Both are very much reflective of their name: wilderness areas left in their natural state with limited vehicle access.