Code of Ordinances for the City of North Platte

Ordinances are rules, regulations and laws passed by the City Council. Once passed by City Council and enacted the ordinances are codified. Codification is a process of systematically organizing and standardizing the ordinances. The City of North Platte uses American Legal Publishing Company to codify it’s ordinances. The manual of codified ordinances is called the Code of Ordinances.

Access and search the Code of Ordinances for the City of North Platte at American Legal Publishing Corporation

Ordinance Management System (OMS)

The City of North Platte has developed an internal tracking system for ordinances. The Ordinance Management System (OMS) was built to track the various statuses an ordinance has to go through before it is codified.

Access and search the Ordinance Management System (OMS) for the City of North Platte by clicking here.

DISCLAIMER: These services are for reference purposes only and are not intended to replace the official, certified copies that are available from the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall. Please use only certified copies if you intend to prepare legal documents that reference any Ordinance Chapter, Section, or Number to assure you have the most current version or copy.