Library Advisory Board

The Library Advisory Board consists of twelve (12) members who serve three (3) year terms, for a maximum of three (3) terms. This board provides an advisory sounding board for short and long range planning, budget priorities, and makes recommendations to the City Council. All appointed members of the Library Advisory Board must be residents of Lincoln County.

The current members of this board are:

  • Colleen Parker – February 2020
  • Mary Ann Agler – September 2019
  • Robert Barnhouse – September 2021
  • Elyse Bohling – September 2021
  • Lewys Carlini – December 2020
  • Dixie Francis – September 2019
  • Connie Huebner – September 2021
  • Sandy Stoll – October 2021
  • Dr. Richard Raska – September 2019
  • Sky Seery – September 2020
  • Gayla Ward – September 2019
  • Andrea Cuddy- February 2020
  • Andrew Lee – City Council Representative
  • Cecelia Lawrence – Library Director
  • Sara Aden – Information Systems Manager

Organized under City of North Platte Municipal Code § 33.09

General Library Objectives

The general objectives of North Platte Public Library are:

  • To develop, preserve and disseminate materials meeting education and recreational needs through organized collections of various formats.
  • To provide access to basic technology for all citizens.
  • To promote communication of ideas through guidance and encouragement.
  • To serve the community as a center of reliable information.
  • To support educational, civic, historical, and cultural activities of groups and organizations.
  • To encourage and provide opportunities for continuous education of life long learners.
  • To identify community library and information needs.
  • To offer programs that enhance literacy and learning.
  • To meet the information needs of the community.
  • To cooperate with other organizations, agencies, and institutions.
  • To provide a comfortable environment facilitating various learning styles.

NPPL Strategic Plan 2016-2018 Plan Only