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City of North Platte’s Ordinance Web Service

Welcome to the City of North Platte’s On-Line Ordinance Web Service. This service is provided to the local businesses and citizenry of North Platte as a ready reference for proposed, non-codified, and pending-codified city ordinances. Ordinances that have completed the codification process are available on-line from the American Legal Publishing Corporation and not directly available from this site.

Pages contained on this site are for general reference only and have a two-fold purpose. The first purpose is to fill the time gap between when an ordinance is passed by the city council and when the ordinance is codified (incorporated) into the City Code Book and available on the American Legal Publishing Corporation site. The second is for ordinances that are never codified into the City Code Book. These ordinances such as water or sewer extension districts or street paving districts, etc. have a specific purpose and specific time duration will never be incorporated in to the City’s Code Book. This site now makes these ordinances available to the general public on-line.

DISCLAIMER: These pages are for reference purposes only and are not intended to replace the official, certified copies that are available from the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall. Please use only certified copies if you intend to prepare legal documents that reference any Ordinance Chapter, Section, or Number to insure you have the most current version or copy.