Police Safety


It is the mission of the North Platte Police Department to preserve the peace and order and to enforce the laws, ordinances, and rulings of the State and City. This mission shall be accomplished by the effective performance of the following functions:

  • Maintenance of law enforcement presence and availability 24 hours a day.
  • Timely and rapid response to criminal incidents and other requests for police services.
  • Preliminary investigation of criminal offenses and apprehension of perpetrators of crimes.
  • Maintenance of a smooth, orderly, and safe flow of traffic and the active enforcement of traffic laws.
  • Performance of crime prevention and other public information activities designed to involve citizens in maintaining public safety.
  • Provision of other services, as necessary, to help accomplish the overall mission.

Services and Divisions

  • Animal Control
  • Community & Technical Support
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Enhanced 9-1-1
  • Records Unit
  • Uniformed Patrol