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Selection Process

Selection Process

Physical Readiness Entrance Test (PRET):

In effect since 2013, the Physical Readiness Entrance Test, also known as the PRET, was established to ensure that incoming students at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center could safely participate in the required training and achieve certification.  For more information on the PRET test visit the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center.

Written Examination:

The Civil Service written examination will measure cognitive abilities that are necessary for effective performance as a police officer. The test includes problem-solving, reading comprehension, mathematics and writing ability.  A maximum of 100 points can be attained.  Honorably discharged veterans as defined in City Ordinance 35.029 are eligible for an additional 10 points.  In addition to the Civil Service exam, applicants are required to take and pass a test of adult basic education (TABE) and a passing score must be achieved.   Officers applying with a Nebraska Law Enforcement Certification are not required to take the written test.  The interview with Police Command Staff will be scored and substituted as the result of the Civil Service written exam.


Candidates who successfully complete the written exams and PRET test will be scheduled for an oral interview with Police Command Staff.  If the Police Command Staff identify the individual as a suitable applicant for the job, their evaluation and recommendation with be forwarded to the Civil Service Commission.  The applicant then will undergo an interview will the Civil Service Commission.  If the Civil Service Commission determines the candidate qualifies for certification, he/she will be placed on an eligibility list which will be forwarded to the City Administrator.  The applicant will remain on the established eligibility list for a period not to exceed two years.

Following the interview, candidates may be selected for additional testing. This testing will consist of drug screening, medical examination, psychological evaluation, and polygraph examination.  The results of these tests are used to affirm assessments made during the initial interview. Candidates selected who successfully complete the final phase are offered employment with the North Platte Police Department.

Basic Training:

The Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center located in Grand Island, NE conducts a sixteen-week basic certification course. The course is open to individuals who meet the required admission criteria.  The basic course curriculum is based on a state-wide law enforcement job task analysis which was completed in 2012 and approved by the Police Standards Advisory Council. The training is a challenging combination of classroom and hands-on skills training. The course is designed to allow the successful graduate to assume entry-level law enforcement duties.  Upon successful graduation from NLETC, the applicant will undergo a minimum of 14 weeks training with a certified Field Training Officer.  The field training is adjusted for officers hired with a Nebraska Law Enforcement Certification.