Library Fees

Library service fees

Library Department Rates & Fees

Borrower Types

Adult: Anyone 18 years and older who resides inside Lincoln County.

Child: Anyone who has completed Kindergarten but is under 13 years and resides in Lincoln County.

Youth: Anyone age 13 years and under 18 years and resides in Lincoln County.

Institutions: Any institution that has requested a library account as an institution and agrees in written form to be responsible for all charges on the account.

Internet Only: Usually for temporary visitors only wanting Internet access. Does not allow any materials to checkout.

Temporary: Requires a $10.00 fee at registration and is usually reserved for new customers that cannot prove residency.

Non-Resident: Anyone wanting a full privilege library account but who does not reside inside Lincoln County. There is a $40.00 annual fee for this account type.

NebrasKard: Anyone outside Lincoln County who has requested and signed a NebrasKard Reciprocal Borrower Agreement at another participating library. NebrasKard is a member based reciprocal borrowing program available only in Nebraska.

Borrower Related Fees – Unless stated (days), all card types expire after 365 days

Borrower Registration Fee (inside Lincoln County) Applicants under 16 years require parental signature. FREE
Borrower Card Replacement Fee (first 2, any kind, are FREE), per card $2.50
Borrower Registration Fee (outside Lincoln County) per year $40.00
Borrower Registration Fee for Institutions
(Requires letter from institution)
Borrower Registration Fee for Internet Access Only (60 days) FREE
Borrower Registration Fee for Temporary Residents (3 months) $10.00
Borrower Registration Fee for NebrasKard Users
(Reciprocal Borrower Program) per year
Collection Service Fee $15.00
Returned Check Fee $35.00

Audio CD Case Replacement $10.00
Book Jacket Cover Replacement Fee $1.00
DVD Case Replacement Fee (Single) $1.00
DVD Case Replacement Fee (Double) $1.00
Interlibrary Loan Service/Postage Fee $5.00
Interlibrary Loan Service Lending Institution Borrowing Fee Varies
Book Club Borrowing Fee (6 copies or less) $15.00
Book Club Borrowing Fee (7 – 12 copies) $30.00
Book Club Borrowing Fee (13-20 copies) $45.00
Book Club Borrowing Fee (21+ copies) Varies
Item Barcode Replacement Fee, per barcode $1.00
KWIK-case DVD Replacement Fee (Single) $6.00
KWIK-case DVD Replacement Fee (Double) $9.00
Repairing or Rebinding Damaged item, per item Varies
Reserve Postcard Mailing Fee, each $0.50
Spine Label Replacement Fee $1.00

All Collections Item Replacement Cost – Charged at actual cost of the item either known or found.

Creation Station Fees – For specific costs, please contact the Creation Station at 308-535-8036 ext 3325 or

3D Filament – priced per gram used Varies
3D Resin – priced per gram used Varies
Coil Binding – priced per coil size Varies
Button – priced by size and back/attachment Varies
Craft Item Varies
Craft Embellishment Varies
Embroidery Backing – priced by type of material and typically per 12″ square, roll material may differ Varies
Heat Press Media – priced per set of transfer plus adhesive for fabric, per transfer for hard surface and window clings Varies
Lamination Pouch – priced each per pouch by size, most are 5mil thickness heat activated laminate to 11″ x 17″ Varies
Laser Masking Varies
Retail Supply Varies
Vinyl – priced by linear inch off 24″ wide roll Varies
Wood – priced by sheet and thickness, typical size is 15″ x 20″ but may vary by thickness, source, and species Varies

Technology Related Fees – based on availability and supply chain costs – For specific costs, please call the TLC at 308-535-8036 ext 3320

Labels – letter size sheets are $1.00, we offer variety of sizes of labels does not include printing Varies
Prints – price varies by color vs black/white and size/type of paper Varies
Copies – same as prints, letter – ledger sizes, 20lb paper to 110lb card stock Varies
Envelopes – manilla or mailing or resume, price varies, includes printing Varies
Faxing – $2.00 for first page and $1.00 each additional page, confirmation print free Varies
Headphones – wired ear buds and and wired muffs priced at acquisition cost – loans free Varies
Paper – price based on size, weight, color, type (plain, linen, parchment) Varies
Removable Storage – CD/DVD blank discs are available – USB sticks may be available – priced at cost Varies

Library Meeting Room Fees

For reservations, please call the TLC at 308-535-8036 extension 3320 or
You can check our events calendar for room availability.

Non-Profit is defined as literacy oriented, 501(c)3, educational, governmental, civic/community groups. Example: scouting, DHHS, etc.
For-Profit is defined as any group proposing to raise money for private purposes. Example: Pampered Chef, Time Share, etc.
Social Use is defined as a party or group meeting for entertainment. Example: Birthday party, wedding/baby showers, family reunions, etc.

Note: All meetings held at North Platte Public Library must be open to the public.

Carpet Square Replacement Fee $50.00
For-Profit Use Fee, per event, meeting length – 3 hours or less per day $30.00
For-Profit Use Fee, per event, meeting more than 3 hours per day $60.00
Non-Profit Use Fee, per event (less than six uses per calendar year) $10.00
Non-Profit Annual Use Fee, per calendar year (January – December) $60.00
Social Use Fee, per event (birthday parties, receptions, anniversaries, showers, etc.) $20.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Book A Librarian fee, per hour, prorated to 15 minutes $15.00
Carpet Square Replacement Fee $50.00
Programming Fee Varies
Project for Hire Fee Varies
Research Fee, 30 minutes free, per hour, prorated to 15 minutes $15.00
Rush Research Surcharge, per request (deadline < 3 business days) $25.00
Test Proctoring, per test (location in meeting room) $10.00
Test Proctoring, per test (location in public area / computer center) $5.00
Workshop Fee Varies