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Criminal Investigations

The North Platte Police Departments Criminal Investigation Division, commonly referred to as CID, is comprised of one Lieutenant, one Sergeant and six Investigators. The Support Services Lieutenant, who also oversees other departments within the agency, brings the knowledge and experience to ensure the efficient flow of the operation. The Sergeant is responsible for reviewing all incoming cases, assigning those that meet the requirement for further follow up, and provides investigative support for the Division. Investigators are responsible for conducting the necessary follow-up on cases that are assigned to them.

Mission Statement

The Criminal Investigation Divisions mission is to provide service with understanding, compassion, performance, and integrity. Utilizing a team approach, CID is dedicated to completing high quality criminal investigative support to the North Platte Police Department by conducting timely and thorough investigations, while using advanced investigative techniques, forensic equipment, and the efficient use of resources. Motivated only by search for the truth, Investigators will seek out all potential evidence and exhaust all investigative leads in the mission to exonerating the innocent and substantiating the culpability of the guilty.


The Criminal Investigation Division is responsible for investigating a wide range of criminal investigations, including deaths, assaults, sexual assaults, child related crimes, thefts, financial crimes, property crimes, fraud related crimes and crimes involving the use of technology.

CID processes crime scenes involving serious crimes and collects and analyzes all evidence, interviews complainants and witnesses, and ensures all other investigative approaches are conducted. The Criminal Investigation Division works closely with the Lincoln County Attorney’s Office and surrounding law enforcement agencies to investigate and counter criminal activity occurring within the city of North Platte.

How to Contact CID

If you are a victim of a crime, you must make an initial report with our Patrol Division. A report can be made in person at the North Platte Police Department or by calling the non-emergency telephone number at (308) 535-6789. If the initial report required additional follow up and meets the criteria for assignment to an Investigator, it may be a few days before you are contacted by an Investigator.