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Transfer Station

The City Transfer Station – Located at 3320 W North Lake Road, approximately seven miles south and west of North Platte, just west of the inlet Hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday.  Closed Sunday and all city observed holidays.

For more information call 308-535-6710.

The following services are offered at the City Transfer Station:

  • acceptance of waste for transfer to a licensed landfill;
  • acceptance of totally separated yard waste for composting;
  • acceptance of totally separated asphalt/concrete/brick rubble;
  • acceptance of totally separated lead-acid batteries for recycling;
  • acceptance of totally separated appliances for recycling;
  • acceptance of tires for recycling;
  • acceptance of used oils placed in 1 gallon plastic containers for recycling.

Fees at the Transfer Station:

Any load not properly covered or secured will be double the set rate

Waste to be transferred, per ton
Waste transferred, per ton for haulers over
15,000 tons per year
Yard waste for composting per ton
Minimum Charge
Clean asphalt for grind per ton
Minimum Charge
Clean concrete per ton
Minimum Charge
Small Tire
Car/Pickup Tire
Truck Tire
Tractor/Equipment Tire
$ 5.00
Any Tire with rim, additional charger, per Tire $ 5.00
Additional charge per each refrigerant appliance such
as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners
$ 25.00
Tree debris from contractors/businesses, per ton
Minimum Charge

The following items are for sale (when available):

Composted yard waste for sale, per ton $15.00