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Streets & Alleys

Street Division

The Street Division handles street and alley related maintenance.  For further information call 535-6700.

Alleys and streets must be free of obstructions and encroachments.  See city ordinance § 91.05 Removal of Obstructions and Encroachments

  • Paved Streets
    Crews periodically patch potholes, seal cracks and do major removal and replacements.  Some of this work is accomplished with city crews and some is accomplished by contracted firms.
  • Unpaved Streets
    Crews periodically grade and gravel unpaved streets.  Grading is accomplished after the city has received some type of moisture; i.e. rain.
  • Alleys
    City crews drag alleys twice a year.  For alleys that need more attention please call 308-535-6700.
  • Street Traffic Signs
    Maintenance, installation and repair of street traffic signs such as street markers, stop signs, speed limit signs are handled by the street traffic personnel.
  • Street Traffic Signals and School Warning Lights
    Maintenance and repair of street traffic signals and school warning lights are handled by park electrical/electronic maintenance personnel.
  • Street Sweeping
    City streets are swept 3-4 times per year.  Business areas, including highway system, downtown core and some outlying business could be swept more frequently or for special events.
  • Storm Sewer Drains
    Federal Storm Water Pollution Prevention Regulations call for cleaning storm sewers at least once every 10 years.  Our goal is to clean all storm sewers at least once every 5 years and address the known problem areas every other year.  In addition, storm boxes and catch basins are regulated to be cleaned at least once every 5 years.