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Fire Suppression

The City of North Platte Fire Department responded to 500 fire calls in 2023. This included fires in the city, rural fire district, county, and assisting neighboring fire agencies on additional fires outside of the North Platte Fire District.

Statistically over the past few decades with education, prevention, and fire safety standards fire calls have significantly gone down. But that does not make light of the fact that fires still do happen, and they tend to burn out of control much faster than they used too in years past. Due to new building materials and synthetic home furnishings, fires reach their peak flashover temperatures 10 times faster now, than they did 20 to 30 years ago. When seconds matter..we count seconds, which is why our crews devote hundreds of hours each year training in victim search and rescue, fire suppression, and overhaul in order to be ready to respond when the 911 call comes in.

WE, the members of the City of North Platte Fire Department strive to be ready at a moments notice for YOU, the citizens of our great city, rural fire district, and those just simply passing through! As we want to be able to give the best of ourselves, when you are experiencing the worst of yours!