City Fire Marshal & Deputy Fire Marshal Duties

What does the City Fire Marshal do?

  • Performs fire safety inspections of public buildings inside the city limits.
  • Manages the fire reporting system.
  • Performs and develops fire prevention programs for the public.
  • Performs plan reviews for buildings that are new or being remodeled.
  • Inspects all facilities within the city limits that have above and underground tanks.
  • Delegated authority for the State Fire Marshal’s office.
  • Performs investigations for fires within the city limits.
  • Enforces City Ordinances pertaining to fireworks.
  • What special activities are done to promote Fire Prevention?
  • During the school year, with the help of shift personnel, perform the “Smoke Detectives” Program for 3rd grade students in area schools.
  • Perform fire prevention programs for public or private groups on fire extinguishers, fire escape planning, etc.
  • Public service announcements on Fire Safety.
  • Attend Safety days at NebraskaLand Days, The Mall, Wal-Mart, etc.

What does the City Deputy Fire Marshal Do?

  • Fire inspections
  • Fire investigation ( cause and origin)
  • Public Education
  • Assist in all duties of the City Fire Marshal

It is the duty of the Bureau of Fire Prevention to enforce all laws and ordinances covering the following:

  • The prevention of fires.
  • The storage and use of explosives and inflammables.
  • The installation and maintenance of automatic and other fire alarm systems, and fire extinguishing equipment.
  • Maintenance and regulation of fire escapes.
  • The means and adequacy of exits in case of fire from factory, schools, hotels, lodging houses, asylums, hospitals, churches, halls, theaters, amphitheaters, and all other places in which numbers of persons, work, live or congregate from time to time for any purpose.
  • Investigation of origin, cause and circumstance of fire.