Office of Fire Investigation & Prevention


On May 27th, 1980 Fire Marshal Lewis started his career with the City of North Platte Fire Department within the office of fire investigation and prevention as a fire protection specialist. In June of 1986 George Lewis was promoted as the City Fire Marshal. Fire Marshal Lewis has over 38 years within the city fire investigation and prevention division. His job functions consist of but not limited to; fire safety inspections, public education, city fire investigations, plan reviews, inspecting underground tank facilities, and a delegated authority for the Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s office. During his time within the department Fire Marshal Lewis has obtained his certifications in Fire Inspector 1, certified fire plans examiner, just to name a few.



On November 28th, 2005 Deputy Fire Marshal McConnell started his career with the City of North Platte Fire Department as a Firefighter/EMT. During his time as a firefighter/emt, McConnell obtained his Hazmat Tech certification, and spent 12 years working as a career firefighter/emt. In December of 2017 McConnell was then newly promoted as the Deputy Fire Marshal. Which was a position that was many years in the making. His main job functions consist of: Fire inspections, Fire investigation ( cause and origin) and Public Education, City-wide safety committee member, and assisting the City Fire Marshal in all facets of his duties.