New Candidate Testing Process

Written Test:

Applicants are required to take and pass a written Civil Service examination. A minimum score of 70% is required. Failure to achieve the minimum score will eliminate the applicant from further consideration during this application. Study guides and practice tests can be purchased through the Standard and Associates, Inc. website for the NFST exam. Click on link provided to purchase these. **Note..the study guide is $5.00 and the practice tests are $15.00.**

Physical Agility Test:

The physical agility test used by the North Platte Fire Department is a pass or fail test. The test consists of several events that must be completed within a specified time period. A copy of the list of events in the physical agility test and the necessary completion times will be sent to each applicant along with notification of the date, time, and place of the test. If an applicant fails an event, he or she is entitled to a second attempt at that event after a thirty-minute rest period. Failure to complete the course as required will eliminate the applicant from further consideration during this application process.

For initial employment a physical agility performance test is conducted. This test consists of the following:

1. Aerial Ladder Climb – This test is to determine if the candidate has a fear of heights, not his or her climbing ability. The candidate, wearing an air pack, will be required to climb to a point seventy-five feet (75’) above the ground and return on an extended aerial ladder attached to an aerial apparatus. This exercise is not timed but only a reasonable amount of time will be allowed to complete this portion of the test.

2. The following skills will be conducted in one continuous exercise. This portion of the testing is timed. The candidate must complete the course with a time of 10 minutes or less. This is a pass/fail assessment.

  • Hose Drag Exercise – This test is to determine the candidate’s agility and strength while moving a charged hose line.  The candidate will be required to drag a one-hundred foot (100’) long length of 1 ¾” fire hose that is pressurized to 100psi.  The hose must be dragged 200 feet.
  •  Chain Saw Carry – carry a chain saw from a marked area near the hose drag endpoint to marked area by breaching machine. This exercise determines the candidate’s ability to bend at the knees and waist.
  •  Breach/Pull – With 45# of weight, the candidate will conduct 5 pulls followed by 5 pushes. This process will be completed 3 times. This exercise represents a firefighter breaching a ceiling and pulling the ceiling down with a pike pole.
  •  Keiser Sled – Using a sledgehammer, the candidate will hit the slide the entire length of the machine. This exercise represents a firefighter breaching a hole in a roof for ventilation operations.
  •  Firefighter Crawl – The candidate will crawl through a hole in the wall of the burn trailer from east to west on their hands and needs.
  •  High Rise Hose Carry – The candidate will carry a 2 1/2 inch hose pack up and down the burn trailer stairs. 3 times up 2 times down, dropping the hose at the top upon completion of 3rd ascent.  Candidate must hit all steps going up and coming down.
  •  Hose Raise – Candidate will raise 2 1/2 inch hose roll up the side of the burn trailer, clearing the rail and setting down on the roof, and lowering back to the ground.  Complete this 3 times. On the 3rd ascent drop the hose on the roof.
  •  Ladder Carry – Candidate will carry a 16’ roof ladder from the bottom of the stairs to a mark near the dummy drag.
  •  Dummy Drag – the candidate will drag a dummy 100 ft. The dummy must be kept up and carried upright.

Interview Process:

Upon passing the written and the physical agility testing phases; notification of the candidates scheduled oral interviews will be sent by mail or special messenger as the situation dictates. Candidates will be interviewed by a five-member board of Fire Department officers. All evaluations and recommendations of this board will be forwarded in writing to the Civil Service Commission. After successful completion of the preceding requirements, all applicants will be interviewed by the Civil Service Commission to determine if each candidate is qualified for certification and placement on the entry-level eligibility list. The entry-level eligibility list will then be forwarded to the City Administrator. Which the eligibility list shall be good for up to 2 years.