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Emergency Snow Routes

Emergency Snow Routes

The City of North Platte snow routes were chosen to keep travel open so that emergency vehicles could reach all parts of the City.

In the event that a winter storm dictates the plowing of emergency snow routes, the City will implement its emergency snow removal plan.

Generally, the City will call a snow alert first which informs citizens to prepare for an impending storm by moving their vehicles off city streets, especially those designated as emergency snow routes.

If the storm actually necessitates the plowing of streets, a snow emergency will be declared. A snow emergency dictates that all vehicles must be moved off of the streets designed as emergency snow routes. If a vehicle remains on a snow route after a snow emergency has been declared, it will be ticketed. If the vehicle is still not moved after being ticketed, it will be towed. The fine for being ticketed is $35. When a vehicle is towed, the owner is charged towing and storage costs.

Declarations for snow alerts and snow emergencies will be made through the City’s Police 911 center. All news media will be advised of the declaration of or canceling of snow alerts and snow emergencies through the 911 center. The 911 center will also use its code red system to notify, by telephone, all citizens that have signed up for the system that a snow alert or snow emergency has been declared.

It is our ongoing plan to put down our salt mixture on bridges, overpasses and high traveled intersections whenever there is a strong possibility of snow or ice.  When snow starts to accumulate we will begin plowing the snow routes as soon as there is approximately 2 ½” to 3” on the ground and the chance of a quick melt is not expected.

How You Can Help

    • Park vehicles off the street during snow removal operations. City ordinance prohibits the parking of vehicles on an Emergency Snow Route.
    • A ridge of snow will be left at the end of your driveway and curb sidewalks from our plowing equipment. It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove the snow left by our equipment.
    • Keep sidewalks clear of ice and snow.
    • Do NOT throw the snow from your driveway into the street.
    • Stay clear of sand trucks at least 100 feet when driving.

Listing of Emergency Snow Routes

If you have additional questions about the emergency snow routes, please call the Public Service Department at 308-535-6700.