Yard Waste Carts

City of North Platte
Public Service Department


Effective April 1, 2024, residents must begin using their yard waste carts for yard waste only, there cannot be any form of trash in them. This is mandatory through November 30, 2024.

  • Yard waste must be placed in the container with the yard waste sign or brown lid. Lid must be closed.
  • Do not pack yard waste in cart, it sticks to the inside of the cart and cannot be completely dumped. We will not make return trips to dump the cart.
  • Any stick or branch you cannot mow over should be placed in your household cart, hauled to the transfer station at no cost, or call 535-6702 for the chipper truck. Lid must be allowed to close.
  • No plastic leaf bags will be accepted or picked up.
  • Refuse going to the transfer station must be free of yard waste. No yard waste will be accepted in the household container.
  • Non-compliant residents could face extra charges for trash in the yard waste carts.

Please call 535-6700 if you have questions.


Anthony Amos,
Sanitation Supervisor