Learn-To-Swim Levels 1-6

Swim Lessons are now available!!


“When life gets you down do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do?”  Just keep swimming!

Winter/Spring 20-21

Important Information: Swim lessons are an important part of a child’s overall education, and we are committed to bringing them to our community with necessary modifications for social distancing.  Our lessons this summer will be instructor led and parent taught.   A parent or adult family member must be in the water with the child during lessons.  The instructor will have no physical contact with the students.  Instructors will teach from the deck, helping both parent and child in the lesson.  Showers are available, but we are encouraging families to come in swim attire and shower at home.  Restrooms are available and should be used prior to entering the pool.  Please be prepared to exit the pool immediately following your swim lessons, and you are not allowed in the pool until the start of your lesson.  No spectators will be allowed in the pool area or observation area.

All Preschool Aquatics and Learn-to-Swim classes require payment at the time of registration.  Children 3 years and over must also pay daily admission or have a current Rec Center membership. There will be NO ADMISSION CHARGE for the parent in the water.


Fee for 8 lessons is $29 + a current Rec pass or daily admission for those three years and up.  Fee must be paid at time of registration

 Private Swim Instructors

For information on private swim lessons, please call Phil Hinde at 308-535-6772.