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Your first fitness class is always FREE!

Group fitness is a proven tool to help you  achieve and maintain your fitness goals.  We believe in you and each one of our caring instructors is prepared and passionate about helping you develop healthy habits.  Let the best in you shine through at the Rec Center!  Our classes are affordable and offer a wide-variety of exercise modalities, including traditional and aquatic-based fitness classes.  Group support keeps you engaged, accountable and consistent.  Your first class is always free!  You are also welcome to drop into any class, space permitting, for just $5 per class!  Membership is NOT required to enjoy any of our fitness classes.

All classes are subject to change depending on enrollment.


Jenn Dance

Dance2Fit Instructor Jenn Pettit

Dance 2 Fit

Fitness bliss is as different as the people seeking fitness.  Maybe you are not “wired” for sets, “reps” or intervals.  The treadmill feels like the “dreadmill”…BUT you hear music and your feet begin to move.  You are not alone!  We are hard-wired to tap our toes to the rythms we hear, and fitness dance celebrates our natural need to swing and sway!  Dance2Fit combines fun, easy-to-master routines with hit music to create a dance party that improves cardiovascular health, muscle strength, endurance, motor health, coordination and aerobic fitness.  Dance, dance, dance your way to a healthier your!  You don’t need any special skills or even coordination, just feet that want to move to the music!

Monday/Wednesday (90 minute class)
5:30 pm

$15 per month

Instructor:  Jenn Pettit


Tynell Jarvis


Your mat awaits…and so do the many benefits of yoga.  The American Osteopathic Association lists increased flexibility; increased strength and muscle tone; improved respiration, energy and vitality; maintenance of a balanced metabolism, weight reduction, improved cardio and circulatory health, improved athletic performance and protection from injury  as their top reasons that the practice of yoga should be part of everyone’s good health regimen.  Yoga knows no age, shape or size and offer better health, relaxation and peace!  Namaste today!

9 am
Saturday morning
9 am

Combine your days and times to fit your schedule and lifestyle.

1 day/week:  $10/month

2 days/week:  $15/month

3-days/week:  $20/month


Our brand of indoor cycling uses recognized training methods from the world of cycling and is appropriate for all fitness levels.  We use periodization training, which helps you improve your fitness level the same way cyclist do!  We teach only sound cycling principles that help you maximize the benefit of you workout and minimize the risk of injury.  Our state-of-the-art stationary trainers allow you to control the intensity of your workout and our cycling coaches will encourage you to find flawless form and a fluid pedal stroke.  Our classes provide each rider with a heart rate monitor and individual training zones for personalized, effective training results.

*Space is limited, so register early to reserve your bike!

Monday/Wednesday/Friday   5:30 am

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:00 am

3 days per week:  $25/month
2 days per week:  $15/month
$5 walk-in fee based upon bike availability


Zumba HIIT

Stephanie DenBesten

Zumba Strength

For those who want their fitness with a party atmosphere, this aerobic fitness program features various styles of dance moves to energizing Latin American music and today’s top hits fused with toning and sculpting exercises using hand weights for strength and muscle definition.  Whether you live to dance or move with two left feet, your instructor will make you feel at home with creative aerobic exercise and muscle-defining strength moves.  Find “fitness fun” in Zumba Strength.

Tuesday/Thursday at 5:30 pm
Instructor:  Stephanie DenBesten

2 days/week: $15/month

Paula smalley


There are four stepping-stones to good health at any age, and SilverSneakers provides them all!  Endurance, strength, balance and flexibility are important to everyone, but as we age, maintaining and improving these key areas of fitness can add to longevity and quality of life.  This excellent exercise program for seniors uses fun equipment and a broad range of exercises with modifications for both standing and seated performance.  This class is FREE with Humana Gold or AARP Medicare Supplement insurance!

Class meets Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 10 am
Cost is $20 or free with Humana Gold.
Instructor:  Paula Smalley


Getting strong and having fun doing it!

Water Fitness

Our swimming pool may hold the Fountain of Youth!  Water has magical properties that improve health and fitness for all ages.  The Rec Center Water Fitness programming has four unique brands of water aerobics crafted to meet your fitness needs.  The benefits of water exercise include improved cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility; a reduction in stress and body fat, an increase in circulation and a rehabilitative effect on muscles and joints.  These many benefits come with little to know impact to the body, making it ideal for those seeking great exercise that is easy on joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.




Instructor, Peg Brogden

Splash  splash6

Splash is a traditional water aerobics class with a moderate intensity level.  All exercises are performed in shallow water and no swimming ability is required.  This class will provide each of the benefits of water exercise and is perfect for seniors or for those wishing to remain in shallow water.

10 am



Instructor, Stephanie Dorr

Aqua Blast


We kick it up a notch in Aqua Blast.  This is a moderately-high to high intensity class where the benefits of water exercise are amplified.  This class is appropriate for all ages and genders.  Some deep water exercise is included, so participants should be willing to go into deeper water with floatation support, if needed.  You will experience the full range of benefits with this expertly instructed fitness class and none of the aches and pains more common to other forms of exercise.

6:30 pm

Instructor:  Stephanie Dorr



Runner, Swimmer, Fitness Director, Immerse Instructor, Trudy Merritt



This class is the ultimate in water exercise.  Immerse is high to very-high intensity water training appropriate for those seeking serious advances in fitness without the pounding and stress to joints and muscles common in land-based exercise.  It is also perfect for athletes seeking a cross-training modality without the risk of injury.  Participants use both water and body weight for increased strength and superior toning.  Participants should have very minimal swimming skills and be willing to go into deep water without support, although floatation support will be available.  Get wet and “immerse” yourself in fitness!

Class will resume in the fall.
6:30 pm
Instructor:  Trudy Merritt

Aquacise Fitness – Private Instructor


This is a very low intensity, low impact class ideal for seniors wanting to improve range of motion and flexibility.  This class is taught by private instructor Kay Bodeen.  Please contact Kay for more information and pricing.

Kay Bodeen (308) 532-8163
Mon/Wed/Fri at 8 am