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21 Ways to Find Fitness in 2018!

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Platte River Fitness Series

For 17 years, the Platte River Fitness Series had been on a mission.  Our mission to elevate and improve the quality of line in our community through physical activity continues in 2018 with 21 motivating and inspiring fitness opportunities.  Each fitness event provides you with incentive and motivation to make necessary lifestyle changes.  For nearly two decades, we have also built a community of people who support each other and our changing fitness culture.  The PRFS aims to have an impact on the lives of all its athletes, encouraging them to adopt a physically and mentally healthy way of living.

PRFS Points Challenge/Series Finisher Challenge

You are automatically entered in the PRFS Points Challenge when you complete any event and earn a time.  If you finish a race, you receive participation points based on the difficulty of the event.  The more races you complete, the more points you earn!  You can earn additional placing points if you finish in the top 8 in your age group, but the big reward is in completing as many races as possible.  We believe that lifestyle choices improve with a significant goal to reach for.  The ultimate challenge is to finish all 21 events.  There are also prizes for those who finish all 18-road races.

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The Platte River FitKids Program empowers children to get active and promotes daily exercise as a lifelong habit.  FitKids is a companion initiative aimed at encouraging children 14 & under to be more physically active.  The Platte River FitKids program is conducted within the PRFS.  Children can earn the same participation points as the regular PRFS, plus receive points for participation in the 1 mile events.  Top finishers are eligible to receive both the regular PRFS awards and FitKids awards at year’s end.


Leading Ladies Nebraska is an outreach of the Platte River Fitness Series specifically for women.  It is an online Facebook community where women can seek to find support, encouragement, information and care in leading active, healthy lives.  It is a community intended to empower women to live fully in a spirit of acceptance and friendship and to develop their full potential as women and as fitness enthusiasts.  Leading Ladies have the option of traveling to specifically selected events as a team.  The 2018 Leading Ladies Nebraska will participate in the Revel Rockies Marathon & Half-Marathon in Colorado and the Chris Jarvis Marathon & Half-Marathon in North Platte.  Send a request on Facebook to join “Leading Ladies Nebraska” to join our community!