Service Termination Information

A domestic subscriber has the right, prior to the disconnection date, to request a conference regarding any dispute over such proposed disconnection. The utility may not disconnect service pending the conclusion of the conference. You may appear before the disconnect date at the business office, 201 W 3rd St, North Platte, NE, 308 535-6740, during the normal published business hours Monday through Friday, and request your billing be reviewed with you by the manager or an authorized representative. The domestic customer may arrange with the utility for an installment payment plan. Those domestic customers who are welfare recipients may qualify for assistance in payment of their utility bills. Such recipients may contact their caseworker in that regard.

Disconnection shall be postponed or prevented upon presentation of a duly licensed physician’s, physician assistant’s or advanced practice registered nurse’s certificate which shall certify that a domestic subscriber or resident within such subscriber’s household has an existing illness or handicap which would cause such subscriber or resident to suffer an immediate and serious health hazard due to the disconnection of the utility’s service to the subscriber’s household. Such certificate shall be filed with the utility within five (5) days of receiving notice, excluding holidays and weekends, to prevent the disconnection of the utility’s service for a period of at least 30 days from such filing. Only one (1) postponement of disconnection shall be required for any past due account.

If electric and/or water service is disconnected, reconnection will be made during regular service hours after payment of your total account balance plus a service charge of $60.00.

After regular service hours, on weekends, or holidays, reconnection may be made by calling 308-535-6740. Overtime reconnection will be made after payment of your total account balance plus the overtime service charge of $90.00 for electric and $75.00 for water.

If a service order is processed for the premise for the purpose to disconnect service for non-payment of a delinquent account and service is not disconnected, payment of your total account balance plus the appropriate service charge will be due to prevent service disconnection.