Ervin (Leroy) Kramer Water/Sewer Superintendent 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    44 Years’ Service         

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                (308) 535-6740 # 3124 


Welcome to the City of North Platte’s Water & Sewer Departments Web Page.

The North Platte Water/ Sewer Department is responsible for the public drinking water system and the sewer collection system which serves the citizens of North Platte.



Our mission is to provide efficient, effective, and reliable water and sewer utility services in a manner that respects the natural environment.


To manage our organization, water resources, and sewage collection system to meet evolving regulatory requirements, water supply needs, and customer expectations in the future.


Our Values:

 Service: Our core purpose is to provide our customers with safe and reliable water and sewer services, in compliance with regulatory requirements. We strive to treat every customer fairly and respectfully, and to address their needs quickly and effectively.


Customer Confidence: We foster customer confidence through clarity, honesty, and transparency in all communications and work to educate our customers, community partners, and employees on the issues pertinent to responsible water resources management.


Personnel Dedication: We respect and value the contributions of all our personnel. We encourage employees to increase their professional value through personal growth, expanding their knowledge base and gaining experience within their field. We proactively build a competent, effective, and loyal staff.


Environmental Stewardship: We recognize and take seriously the responsibility of managing our precious environmental resources that are vital to human life and the economic health of our community. We are committed to safely complying with all applicable regulations to protect our valuable supply of high quality water.


Long Range Planning and Preparation: We challenge ourselves to meet the evolving needs of the future through foresight, solid and specific planning efforts, and maintenance of organizational flexibility. We prepare for the unforeseen through commitment to safety, security, and emergency preparedness.



Water/Sewer Department Crew

Telephone  1 (308) 535-6740 Ext. #2501


Brad  Johnson                                   Chris Bear Killer                                           Dave Dailey 

Water/Sewer Foreman                            Crew 4                                              Water Production / Crew 4 

 “42 Years’ Service”                             





 Rob Manka                            Justin Zirnig                          Kyler Austin                        Tanner Mcintosh                       

 Senior Maintenance           Senior Maintenance            Senior Maintenance                Storekeeper                             








Water crew

Left to right:    Adam Anderson    Rick Brittenham , Paul Chilcott , Walter Joe , Eddie Shapland,  Nick Krab,  Tracy Bargeman 

 Jason Lashley , Brandon Morrison










Water Quality

1(308) 535-6740 # 3133



Chris Holley                                                           Renea Anthens                                         Louie Keup

Water Protection Specialist II                 Water Protection Specialist 1                        Water Protection Specialist I


308-535-6740  Ext. 6




Service Department 

(308) 535-6740 # 5



Jordan Beebout                                                                Jason Bayne

Water Electric Serviceman                                                Records

                                                                                 (308)  535-6740 # 3144