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Facade Improvement Program

Facade Improvement Program Intent

The City of North Platte’s Façade Improvement Grant Program encourages direct investments in the exterior appearance of downtown buildings by offering financial incentives to building owners and/or tenants to renovate or restore their historic facades.

Downtown North Platte is the focal point of the community and home to government services, shopping, and restaurants. The economic health, whether perceived or actual, plays a large part in the impression people have of the downtown.

Visible investments to commercial properties in downtown not only improves residents’ and visitors’ perceptions of the area, they also spur improvements to neighboring buildings and businesses. These improvements attract new businesses, helping increase commerce and jobs while setting the stage for new development opportunities.

The success of North Platte’s Façade Improvement Grant Program is dependent on the level of private sector commitment. Merchants, building owners, residents, professionals and investors must work together to improve the image and operations of their business in addition to improving the physical condition of their buildings.

Eligible Properties

The eligible area includes commercial properties that are aged fifty years or older within the boundaries of 1st Street to 13th Street and from North Vine to North Walnut Street.

Eligible Applicants

Tenants and business owners are encouraged to apply for assistance even if they do not have an ownership interest in the building.   The tenant/applicant must receive written permission from the property owner to be submitted with their application.  The property owner and tenant may both apply for funding for separate work on the same building.  For example, the building owner may wish to replace windows, while the tenant may wish to replace signage.


Program Guidelines and Application Process