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Street Closings

Street Closures / Restrictions

There are no street closures at this time. For further information call 535-6700.

Street Division

The Street portion of the Street/Sanitation Division handles most street and alley related maintenance.  For further information call 535-6700.

  • Paved Streets
    Crews periodically patch potholes, seal cracks and do major removal – replacements.  Some of this work is accomplished with city crews and some is accomplished by contracted firms.  Phone 535-6700.
  • Unpaved Streets
    Crews periodically grade – gravel unpaved streets.  Generally grading is accomplished after the city has received some type of moisture; i.e. rain.  Phone 535-6700.
  • Alleys
    Maintenance to alleys is generally accomplished through call-in and from reports from city crews.  Phone 535-6700.
  • Street Traffic Signs
    Maintenance, installation and repair of street traffic signs such as street markers, stop signs, speed limit signs, etc., are handled by the street/traffic personnel.  Phone 535-6700.
  • Street Traffic Signals and School Warning Lights
    Maintenance and repair of street traffic signals and school warning lights are handled by park electrical/electronic maintenance personnel.  Phone 535-6706.