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Animal Control


1402 North Sycamore

(308) 535-6780

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday                 12:00 PM-4:00 PM (By appointment only)
Saturday-Sunday              Closed
Closed on holidays

After hours, contact the North Platte Police Department at 535-6789.

The North Platte Animal Shelter is located at 1402 North Sycamore. Here you can find pets of all kinds in need of a loving home. This division employs four personnel – one Shelter Attendant, one Animal Control Supervisor, and two Animal Control Officers. If you have an animal problem or need assistance call (308) 535-6780.  After hours, please contact the North Platte Police Department at (308) 535-6789.

The North Platte Animal Control Officers patrol the city streets and are responsible for enforcing all city ordinances pertaining to animal control.  They handle vicious dogs, loose animals, return lost pets and dispose of animals that have been killed on city streets.  They also provide traps (during suitable weather) to secure unwanted pests that hide beneath houses and in garages. In addition, they are sometimes called upon to transport lost and stolen bicycles, and to provide advice to our citizens that can prevent wildlife from becoming a nuisance.

For information on animals available for adoption from the North Platte Animal Shelter become a fan of the North Platte Animal Shelter on Facebook!

The stated purpose of the Animal Shelter is as follows:

  • To maintain educational and service programs which will promote the proper care and control of all animals and instill in the public mind a proper regard for the welfare of animals.
  • To maintain a well-equipped Animal Shelter.
  • To guarantee that every animal entering the Animal Shelter is treated humanely and, whenever possible, will be returned to the rightful owner or placed in a good home.
  • To investigate all reported violations of the City of North Platte Municipal Ordinances.
  • To provide prompt and efficient handling of all requests for service.

Stop by 1402 North Sycamore and adopt a loving pet today! Dogs can be adopted for $32.25 and cats for $21.50. All animals are required to be spayed or neutered upon adoption.  Here’s what you get when you adopt a pet from the North Platte Police Department Animal Shelter:

  • Coupon for a free wellness checkup from a participating veterinarian within 14 days of adoption.
  • Coupon for $15 off spay/neuter of a dog
  • Coupon for $10 off spay/neuter of a cat
  • Coupon for $5 off rabies vaccination.

In addition, the animals get the following vaccinations prior to leaving the Shelter:

  • Distemper – Dogs & Cats.
  • Type 2 Parainfluenza – Dogs.
  • Parvo Virus – Dogs.
  • Adenovirus-Dogs
  • Bordetella-Dogs
  • Rhinotracheitis-Cats.
  • Calcivirus-Cats.



Adoptable Pets (Offers are Time Sensitive)
(After 3 days stray animals are either adopted, rescued or euthanized)
The shelter is full and time is growing short for these wonderful pets.