Summer Reading

Summer Reading 2020
During COVID-19

We are resurrecting a different previous Summer Reading Program theme for each week beginning June 3, 2020. It will all be online because we are not cleared for group meetings yet. We still have restrictions in place for visiting the library, please visit for more details. Sessions are recorded and activities are converted to photographs with additional postings on Facebook.

The primary platform is Facebook on the Library’s page at, however we will archive videos and activities here on this page for access by those without Facebook. The activities and videos are targeted for grades K through grade 5, however since they are posted online – anyone is welcome to view and participate. Live broadcasting of prize winners will be on Facebook Live, we are hoping to figure out the technology to bring that video back to here after it posts live on Facebook.

We are aware that using this platform is not as open as it could be, but we are very much re-learning everything we do in order to keep us and our community safer by adhering to social distance guidelines. In many cases that means learning “new to us” tools and technology by changing how we even think about our programming. Please be kind as we muddle through this summer the best we can because we love our patrons and miss our kiddos and we are working hard to help make your summer just a little better.

Week 1: Take a Reading Road Trip
Week 2: Welcome to Camp Read-A-Lot
Week 3: Readosaurus
Week 4: Become a Treasure Hunter
Week 5: Get a Clue @ Your Library
Week 6: Make a Splash READ!

Summer Reading 2020 Poster

Week 1: Take a Reading Road Trip Jump to Menu

Week 1: Printable Activities (PDF)

Week 1: Prize Announcement

Bookster makes Trail Mix as he gets ready to take a Road Trip around North Platte.

Bookster makes a Road Trip around North Platte…Can you guess where he is?

Week 1 Prize Winner is Nicholas

Week 2: Welcome to Camp Read-A-Lot Jump to Menu

Week 2: Printable Activities (PDF)

Week 2: Prize Announcement

Learn camping tips, yummy campfire foods, and being safe while camping with our staff.

Week 2 Winner is Silas

Week 3: Readosaurus Jump to Menu

Week 3: Printable Activities (PDF)

Week 3: Prize Announcement

Congratulations Hadley for winning the Week 3 Dinosaur Digging Prize!

Week 4: Become a Treasure Hunter or Treasure Your Library Jump to Menu

Week 4: Printable Activities (PDF)

Week 4: Pirate Prizes

Congratulations Ryker for winning the Week 4 Summer Reading Prize!

Week 5: Get a Clue @ Your Libary Jump to Menu

Week 5: Printable Activities (PDF)

Week 5: Get a Clue @ Your Library Prize Information

Week 5: Prize Winner Maddie won the get a clue mystery box!

Week 6: Make a Splash…READ! Jump to Menu

Week 6: Printable Activities (PDF)

Week 6: Make a Splash...READ! Prize drawing information