Research Notice

To Researchers and Genealogists:

On October 3, 2022, the North Platte Genealogical Society (NPGS) provided North Platte Public Library (Library) with written notice that they would be removing their materials from the Library on October 6, 2022. At the time of notification, Library Staff were in the process of physically separating several collections in preparation for inventory processes within the Integrated Library System (ILS).

The Library has housed the local NPGS collection for community access since 1987 under contract. Since 2003, the Library has been cataloging NPGS materials for inclusion into the Library’s ILS catalog for inventory control, and for the searching and availability convenience of researchers everywhere.

The Genealogy Collection comprises several collections co-located in one area of the Library:

  • Library – genealogical materials, Nebraska Circulating, Nebraska Reference
  • NPGS – including Obituary files, Probate Records, and additional genealogical materials
  • Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) – Sioux Lookout Chapter
    • The DAR Lineage Books and DAR Magazines, both resources available online, will be re-locating with the NPGS materials
    • Other DAR materials will remain housed in the Library
  • Local High School and College Annuals – purchased by NPPL or donated by the community
  • City Directories – purchased by the Library, City of North Platte, or acquired through donations
  • Newspaper Microfilm – purchased by the Library or housed by authority of the North Platte Telegraph

It is our understanding that additional information about an NPGS community center for access to these materials will be made public by the NPGS through local news media.

The Library has enjoyed the pleasure of housing the NPGS collection all these years and we will rebuild a genealogy collection for our patrons and researchers over time. If you would like to donate local genealogical materials or funds to help further access to research materials available through the Library, please visit with Sky Seery, Library Director.


Sky Seery, Library Director
308-535-8036 x3321