Acquisition & Donations of Material

The Library accepts donations of books, magazines, DVD’s, etc. Donated materials may be used to fill the collection or sold as part of fund-raising efforts by the Friends of the Library. Magazines are usually placed in the free material bin on the main floor of the Library.

A donation form is available for tax purposes, however, the Library does not assign a monetary amount to donations.

Distribution of Non-Library Materials & Information

Informational materials left in the stacks and on library property will disposed of by Library Staff upon discovery.

Individuals who actively solicit or distribute information on library property will be asked to stop this activity immediately. If they continue or it becomes a habit over a period of time, the police will be summoned and the individual removed from the library.

The Library is willing to distribute non-library materials from established organizations as a public information service. This includes military recruiters, local tourism organizations, and support organizations. The Library reserves the right to refuse distribution of profane, pornographic, or hatred materials. The material must be approved by the Library Director. Complaints about material distribution will be directed to the Library Director.

Reconsideration of Library Materials

Patrons must complete a Censorship Challenge Form when they request that materials be removed from the Library’s collections. The material is then reviewed by the library director and library advisory board.

The library does not censor material. The library makes an effort to build balanced collections that reflect the diverse perspectives in our community.