Group & Display Policies

Exhibits & Displays

The Library allows interested individuals the opportunity to show off their collections and display artifacts in the library. Security of the exhibit or display is the responsibility of the owner. The schedule of exhibits and displays is kept by the Secretary. Most displays are covered under the Library’s insurance policy. The Library Director handles all inquiries about liability insurance. Event or specific show insurance coverage may be obtained providing the costs are borne by the owner of the exhibit. Complaints about the exhibit or display will be directed to the Library Director.

The Library staff decorates the facility for all major holidays and during some local events.

Public Notice Board

The Library has a public notice board for posting governmental or civic notices. Any other postings to the board should meet the criteria that the announcement benefits the community.

All postings should have the date posted on the upper right hand corner of the notice unless a specific deadline is readily visible. Generic notices without specific deadlines will be kept for a period of one (1) year. Library staff may remove announcements not current or meeting these guidelines at any time.

Facility Tours

North Platte Public Library offers tours for any interested group. A tour may consist of using the library catalog, how to checkout materials, resources and special collections available in the library, services of the library, and facility tours. The library offers organized and informal tours. The following is a list of organized tours offered by the library:

First Grade Tours: All parochial and public school first grade teachers are invited to bring their class to the library for a tour. A one hour tour is scheduled by the teacher at a time convenient for the class. The library tour provides an opportunity to inform first graders that they may apply for a library card in their own name and how to do it. They are told what materials they may check out and for how long, informed of library policies and programs and shown where materials are located. Students are advised as to library manners and check out procedures. Children view a short entertaining video and are read a picture book.

Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts: A tour similar to the first grade tour is adapted for the age of the scouts attending. If the scouts are older than first grade they are shown how to find materials using the library catalogs and given an item to look for as a challenge. Information is given about library programs that are age appropriate.

Home School Tour: This tour contains the same information as the first grade tour but is expanded. A walk through tour of the entire library is included. Older students and parents are shown the location of reference materials, the Technology Learning Center and the Young Adult area and told of programs provided by that department.