Circulation Policies

Account Limitations

The North Platte Public Library has established the maximum fines allowed before you lose check-out privileges. If your fines and fees reach the maximum listed, you will be unable to check out materials from the library.

Type of Library Card Maximum Fines
Child (0 – 12 years) $ 5.00
Youth (13 – 17 years) $ 5.00
Adult $ 10.00
Non-Resident $ 10.00
Internet Only $ 1.00
Institutional $ 20.00
Temporary $ 2.00
NebraskaKard $ 10.00

Borrower Privacy Policy

Nebraska Statue 84-712.05 denotes records which may be withheld from the public including “records or portions of records kept by a publicly funded library which, when examined with or without other records, reveal the identity of any library patron using the library’s materials or services”.

North Platte Public Library relies upon all employees, volunteers, and advisory board members to keep library records and patron information confidential from any agency of federal, state or local government. Library records are defined as, but not limited to: library transactions, circulation records, personal information, or personnel information. The exception to this law is when federal, state or local law enforcement are pursuing civil, criminal, or administrative discovery procedures or under legislative investigatory power. Any library employee receiving the issuance or enforcement of such process, order, or subpoena is directed to notify the designated library authority on duty at the time and the Library Director as soon as possible. The Library Director and/or the Information Systems Manager may contact the City Attorney and request from a court of competent jurisdiction that good cause has been shown for the process.

Claims Returned and Claims Never Had

Patrons occasionally claim they have returned an item, or that they never had an item checked out at all. North Platte Public Library handles both types of claims in the same way.

Items that have not already been renewed are renewed and the patron is asked to search for the item and Library staff will also search for the item. If the staff member handling the claim is not able to search for the item themselves, they are to leave a note with pertinent details for the circulation manager so that they may search for the item. Renewing the item buys both the library and the patron time to find the item in question. Patrons are allowed to have a maximum number of items on their account. See information under Borrower Types for details.

If the library finds the item, it is checked in exempt of fines. If the borrower and the library do not find the item, the claim is kept on their account for three (3) years after which time the link to the item is broken, the item goes to missing status, and the note on the borrower’s record involving the claim is put into their account history. In most cases, however, the items are either found or patrons are compelled to pay for the item.

Debt Collection

The North Platte Public Library contracts with Unique Management Services, Inc. (UMS) for debt collection. After the Library’s notifying procedures as outlined in the section Notices have been completed and the borrower’s account is over over the debt collect threshold, the account is submitted to UMS for collections. A collection service fee is charged when an account is sent to UMS for collections. The account will remain with UMS until the account is cleared, closed or credit reported. The process to get to credit reporting takes 120 – 151 days after UMS receives the account.

When an account is credit reported, if the borrower still has unreturned items, then a North Platte Police Department form letter is sent to the borrower. Seven (7) days after that letter is mailed, if there is no response from the borrower, then all account information will be released to the police for prosecution.

Loan Periods: Collection Codes & Item Types

Loan periods are tied to borrower, collection, and item types. The following table outlines all of the collections with their loan periods:

Collection Loan Period
Adult Audio CD Fiction 21 days
Adult Audio CD Nonfiction (aacn) 21 days
Adult Audio Fiction 21 days
Adult Audio Nonfiction 21 days
Adult Career 7 days
Adult DVD 7 days
Adult Fiction 21 days
Adult Genealogy 21 days
Adult Genealogy Reference 0 days
Adult Ideals 7 days
Adult Large Print Fiction 21 days
Adult Large Print Nonfiction 21 days
Adult Music CD (amc) 7 days
Adult Nonfiction 21 days
Adult Nebraska 21 days
Adult Nebraska Reference 0 days
Adult Oversize 21 days
Adult Paperback 21 days
Adult Reference 0 days
Adult Ready Reference 0 days
Adult Travel Packet 7 days
Adult TLC Reference 0 days
Adult Vertical File 0 days
Adult Video Nonfiction 7 days
Adult Western Americana – Obsolete 21 days
DAR Reference 0 days
Junior Audio Fiction 21 days
Junior Audio Nonfiction 21 days
Junior Biography 21 days
Junior Beginning Reader 21 days
Junior DVD 7 days
Junior Elementary Reader 21 days
Junior Fiction 21 days
Junior Media Pack 7 days
Junior Nonfiction 21 days
Junior Paperback 21 days
Junior Picture Book 21 days
Junior Reference 0 days
Junior Scouting: Boys 21 days
Junior Scouting: Girls 21 days
Junior Video 7 days
Magazine Adult Archive 0 days
Magazine Adult Circulating 0 days
Magazine Junior Archive 7 days
Magazine Junior Circulating 7 days
Magazine YA Archive 0 days
Magazine YA Circulating 0 days
North Platte Genealogical Society 0 days
North Platte Genealogical Society Reference 0 days
Rare Material 0 days
Staff Area Reference 0 days
YA Fiction 21 days
YA Nonfiction 21 days
YA Paperback 21 days
YA Paperback Series 21 days
YA Reference 0 days


First Notices are generated seven (7) days after an item becomes due to remind the borrower of the overdue items. The library waits seven (7) days to save postage costs since many materials are brought back during the time that a notice would cross in the mail.

Fourteen (14) days after the first notice, if the item is not brought back, the borrower receives a Final Notice, indicating that they will be charged for the cost of the item if the item is not returned. Most items have already reached their maximum fine amounts before the borrower receives a Final Notice.

Fourteen (14) days after the Final Notice is generated, the item goes to Lost Status and the borrower is charged for the item. If an account balance reaches $25.00, a billing notice is sent to the borrower. Lost Status items remain attached to the borrower record for three (3) years after which time the link to the borrower is lost and the item enters a Missing Status automatically.


A renewal constitutes one additional loan period for that particular item type. Renewals can be made anytime by phone, in person, or online. The new date is calculated from the original due date; or if the item is already overdue, from the date the renewal request is made. Only one renewal is allowed per item, unless the item is being requested by another patron, then no renewals are allowed. If an item is overdue, renewing the item stops the late fee at the point the renewal was made, but late fees still apply for the time between the original due date and the renewal request.

Requests and Holds

Patrons may place item requests for materials we have in our collection. All requests for items in the collection remain for 365 days, meaning that if a request is not filled in that time frame it expires and the patron is notified that we were unable to fill the request. Requests are placed in a queue and are handled on a first asked, first received basis.

Once the item comes in and is made available for the person at the top of the queue, the item is said to be “on hold”. The item is placed on a calling shelf, and staff call the patron or the Circulation Manager mails a postcard if no phone number is available, to let them know that the item is on hold for them. We leave messages or continue calling until someone answers, noting each call made. Once staff provides the message to the machine, voice mail, or live person, the item is moved to the hold shelf. Hold time begins when the item is made available to the person, not when we actually make contact with them and leave them a message.

Items remain on the hold shelf for a period of seven (7) days. Expired holds are pulled by the Circulation Manager from the hold shelf and checked in, making it available for the shelving cart or the next person in the request queue.

Special Collections

North Platte Public Library houses the libraries and collections of the following organizations:

  • North Platte Genealogical Society – Does not circulate
  • Sioux Lookout Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution – Does not circulate
  • Monday Musicale – Circulates only to members of that organization

In addition to these organizations, North Platte Public Library also maintains a special collection of materials considered rare or endangered by library staff. This collection is housed away from public areas and contains mostly locally published materials such as high school annuals, autographed copies of regionally famous authors including Mari Sandoz and Nelly Snyder Yost. Other items in this collection are first editions of relatively old materials and materials that cannot be repaired and are in poor condition. This collection is available to researchers through the circulation desk, but requires a name and phone number to use the material. The Rare Collection does not circulate.