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Freegal, a downloadable and streaming music service, was discontinued by North Platte Public Library in the spring of 2018.

At this time, we are still hoping to install Hoopla as a service to replace Freegal. Hoopla has a different service model than Freegal, but also offers streaming music and video (which would be a first for us). While Freegal was download a song, it’s yours forever. Hoopla is download an album and enjoy it for a specific period, like most ebook services. One big difference is that the library only has to pay for what people are using with Hoopla, also known as a “pay per use” model. Freegal was a flat fee for the entire catalog, and while a “known” budgetary number, it was large in comparison with our other online services. Other projects including our new Creation Station and Library Innovation Studios grant, have prevented us from getting this service in place over the summer. We are hoping to offer this service in the spring of 2019.

Thank you for your understanding.