** Elevator Notice **

2nd Floor Materials Pull Request Form

The North Platte Public Library provides access to all materials housed on both floors of the library.  If patrons or visitors are unable to use stairs while the elevator is out of service, anyone can request materials in person the circulation desk, calling the library at (308) 535-8036 ext. 3301 or filling out the online form above. Materials are pulled from shelves at least once per day and held at the circulation desk for pickup or in facility use. These materials may also be requested by library cardholders through the Library’s catalog.

The following collections are housed or partially housed on the second floor:

  • Young Adult – all collections (popular materials are displayed on the first floor near the north stair case)
  • Library scrapbooks and vertical files (most of these have been digitized and available on in-house computers in the Library)
  • Nebraska Reference – includes city directories, school annuals, and out of print 2nd copies
  • Nebraska Circulating (currently undergoing management and collection dissolution to be placed in regular circulating collections located on the first floor)
  • Magazine & Newspaper Archives (older than 3 current issues – current magazines and newspapers are located on the first floor)
  • Historical Microfilm (available microfilm from 1859 – 1963 has been digitized by the North Platte Genealogical Society [NPGS] and is available for free searching at http://northplatte.advantage-preservation.com/.
    • Library staff are happy to perform microfilm research for rolls that have not been digitized through regular reference requests. It is very helpful if you know what you are looking for and an approximate date it might have been published in the newspapers.
  • Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) [some collection materials restricted with key and signature access by request of the owner of the collection – DAR Sioux Lookout Chapter]

Computers with scanning and printing capabilities are located on both floors.

Photocopiers capable of letter – tabloid size, mono and color copying are available on both floors.

Library Records are protected under Nebraska Revised Statue 84-712.05. The North Platte Public Library values intellectual freedom and affirms the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights.


Library records indicate the elevator was installed 1978-1979 with funds provided by the Janet McDonald estate.

On or about November 15, 2021, the 1970’s era Montgomery elevator, specifically the electronics, at the North Platte Public Library stopped working. Montgomery Elevator Company entered the elevator business in 1910 and was acquired by KONE in 1994. The Library has utilized many reputable elevator companies for service contracts through the years.

Several attempts and expenses were incurred with different vendors to revive the aged electronics but nothing worked. In May 2022, the North Platte Public Library FOUNDATION, at the suggestion of the Library, began private fundraising efforts to replace the elevator. Modernization project costs were initially estimated to be $300,000.

After considerable discussion with City leadership, a bid request was publicized by City Administration for an Elevator Modernization project in August 2022. Through project negotiations and to keep costs down to taxpayers, skilled City Staff are providing labor and supplies for preparation work that can be done “in-house”.

The contract for elevator modernization was awarded to Otis by City Council on October 18, 2022. Preparatory work by City Staff began in November 2022. The anticipated completion of the project is sometime in 2023.

Enjoy the nostalgia of better days for the North Platte Public Library’s elevator.

Video courtesy of Star City Elevators on YouTube (11/19/2018)
Video courtesy of Star City Elevators on YouTube (10/23/2020)