Request for Proposal – Enterprise Resource Planning Software

The City of North Platte hereby requests proposals from qualified firms for software and implementation services for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.  The general scope for this project includes: Human Resources, Planning-Permitting, Finance, Req-PO-Rec-Inv, Budget, Assets, Proj-Grant-Cont-Bid, and General.  It is necessary for Vendor(s) to read the information contained in this RFP to understand how to submit proposals, i.e., what documents must be included, and what legal obligations are being agreed to by the Vendor(s) to provide a successful proposal.

Proposals are to be submitted in sealed packages with the following information clearly marked on the outside of each package:

Name of responder
Project title: “Software and Implementation Services for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Electronic copies may be sent to  however; a formal hard copy should be sent to the address below to ensure your submittal is received.

The Proposal must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. (CST) on September 24, 2015 at the following address:

City of North Platte
City Hall
211 West 3rd Street
North Platte, NE 69101
Phone:  308-535-6724

For any questions or further clarification of information contained in the RFP please contact:
Director Information Systems
City of North Platte
211 W 3rd St.
North Platte, NE 69101
Email:   Phone: 308-535-6724 ext 3127


Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal (.docx)

Request for Proposal (.pdf)

RFP Attachments

RFP Attachments (MS Word)

Attachment 5a Requirements (MS Excel)


Questions & Responses

Clarification requests and Responses will be posted here as necessary

Q: Attachment A is missing the column headers, how would you like us to respond.

A: Enter Y for yes, N for No, and P for Planned. Additionally enter any comments you feel necessary.

Q: Page 10, Section 1.7.2  references a not to exceed proposal, but on Page 23, Section 2.3.9  you ask for fixed costs to be included in the proposal. Is the City of North Platte asking for a fixed bid or not to exceed proposal?

A: Reference Page 10, Section “1.7.12” The City is asking for a fixed bid, understandably there may be agreed upon milestones which partial payment would be made (such as during implementation). This fixed bid should be a vendors “not to exceed” price in situations where an exact quote is impossible to obtain. Our objective would be to prevent cost overruns and “nickel and dime” scenarios above and beyond an agreed upon price busting the city’s budget for this project or resulting in an incomplete product.

Q: Page 22, Section 2.3.8 asks for 5 years of maintenance with an annual increase at or below the CPI. Page 41, Section 4.5 asks for a fixed maintenance fee for 5 years Can you clarify your expectations on Ongoing Maintenance

A: The City  would be looking to identify the ongoing cost of any maintenance fees for 5 years following implementation(they do not have to be the same every year but, we need to know up front what they will be for the next five years). The objective of identifying the annual maintenance fees is to ensure the City doesn’t purchase the cheapest system it could find, only to find the cost of operating for five years was double another systems maintenance costs, this could be a deciding factor in the selection process.

Q: Page 33, Section 3.1 Likely Interfaces, the City talks about  including your current Phoenix AFC, Fuel Usage system, to download to the new fleet system.  This is the only reference we can find to a fleet system.  Are you looking for a new Fleet Management System as part of this RFP?  If so are there detailed requirements?

A: Our current use of AFC is strictly for fuel management. The City does not currently have a fleet management system and therefore there are no detailed requirements in this RFP for one. The City does use various excel spreadsheets for fleet management and would benefit from a fleet management module but it may be something for the City to consider as an addition at a later date.


Amendments will be posted here as necessary