Trout in the Classroom @Your Library

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January 2021-May 2021    Trout Club    Teens Explore    Individual or family interaction

Participate in a way that works best for you. Join us for all of the activities or highlight the areas that fit your schedule.

The fishing event is the only time that will be limited to the Trout  Club and Teens Explore.

There is no age limit for the Trout Club or individual or family interaction.

A weekly program that includes, art, science, nature, biology, writing and so much more.

Please pick up your weekly activity pages at the Library and make tank and trout observations.

Each week will include Tank and Trout Observations, Activity Pages and Journal Entries.


January 4-8   -Register    *Take Pre-Test    *Pick up Journal   *Decorate Cover     *Answer questions on first page      * Make your initial Water  Quality  and Trout Observation on chart page

Register In-Person or Online  If you register online, you should still come into the Library to pickup your weekly activity journal.

January 11-15  Rainbow Trout Life Cycle  -Predict the Hatch  *Do this weeks activity pages  *Fill out Journal page for Rainbow Trout Life Cycle

January 19-22 Trout Survival

January 25-29 Fish Tank Equipment (Engineering project)

February 1-5 Temperature and O2

February 8-12 External Fish Anatomy

February 16-19 Internal Fish Anatomy (Hopefully a dissection of trout)

February 22-26 NE Fish Species

March 1-5 Fish Adaptations

March 8-12 Trout Habitats and Water Bug Hunt (Hopefully a field trip)

March 22-26 Food Webs

March 29– April 2 Watersheds

April 5-9 Runoff and Pollution

April 12-16 Post test, What Did you Learn page and a diorama of trout in it’s habitat.

We are hoping to have a release date for our trout and a fishing day for active participants. Those dates are to be announced later.

YouTube Live Stream Trout Cam brings the observation experience online and to you anywhere at