Internet Education

Internet Scams and Various Other Snake Oils, Still the Same Salesmen 

by Les Green

Friday, April 5, 2019
12:00 Noon – 1:00 PM
North Platte Public Library

Why do we still fall for scams 100 years later and how can we spot the modern day snake oil salesmen? We will go over the playbook for some modern day scams and why they work, as well as some signs to help spot brand new scams that may not have even been invented yet.

Each year the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center receives an average of 284,000 complaints. In 2017, 800 people per day were scammed adding up to $1.42 Billion dollars in losses. In Nebraska, there were 1140 victims of cybercrime accounting for a loss of $4,286,773 in 2017. By answering the following questions you can avoid becoming a part of the statistics.

Who is it trying to scam us, and who is at risk of getting scammed? Why are they trying to do this? Do you know how to spot a scam email, caller, or other type of hacker? What can you do to prevent getting scammed or hacked? What do you do if the worst happens and you get scammed or hacked?

Les Green retired from the United States Air Force in 2011, where he worked in Cyber Operations for 23 years. After retirement he worked as the Information Technology Officer at the National Weather Service office in North Platte, before becoming the Director of Information Systems for the City of North Platte and Lincoln County. Join us April 5th for a PowerPoint presentation and discussion of these topics with someone who has been working in computer security daily for over 30 years.

Please help us plan room set-up by calling in your seat reservation to the library at 535-8036, Ext. 3310.