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Nebraska: Crosssroads of the Western Fur Trade
by Darrel Draper

Nebraska Humanities speaker Darrel Draper will be here on Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 12:00 noon to entertain and enlighten guests.

This humorous, one-hour presentation, composed from literature, is an entertaining and amusing summary of the history of the fur trade, including trading companies, personalities and the achievements of fur traders and mountain men who lived in or passed through Nebraska. This tabloid-style review of the oddities and ironies of the industry has been carefully researched but is humorously presented in a sensationalized style. It recounts some of the bizarre happenings that resulted in the most important discoveries of land and routes enabling the U.S. to claim and populate the West. Darrel W. Draper, a fifth generation Nebraskan, retired Navy officer and University of Nebraska at Omaha graduate, uses his talents as storyteller and actor to educate and entertain. He is considered an expert on the history of the Lewis and Clark expedition and has personally retraced thousands of miles of their trail by canoe and on foot.

Please call 535-8036 ext 3310  to reserve a free seat for this program.  Primary funding for this program is provided by Humanities Nebraska and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment in addition to local funding.  Water and coffee will be provided and attendees may bring a sack lunch.