City of North Platte
City of North Platte
City of North Platte
City of North Platte
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City of North Platte: Public Service: Basic Information

Public Service Department

Public Service Department photo

Wesley A. Meyer


City of North Platte: Public Service: Location


Public Services Department

1402 North Jeffers

North Platte NE 69101

City of North Platte: Public Service: Contact Information

Contact Information

Telephone: (308) 535-6700
Fax: (308) 535-6713

City of North Platte: Public Service: Trash Collection Information

Trash Collection Information

2013 Trash Collection Pamphlet

City of North Platte: Public Service: Transfer Station

City Transfer Station

The City Transfer Station - Composting operation is located approximately seven miles south and west of North Platte, just west of the inlet to Lake Maloney. Hours of operation are 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

For questions about this operation, you may call the site directly at 535-6710 or contact the Sanitation Office at 535-6702.

The following services are offered at the City Transfer Station:

  1. acceptance of waste for transfer to a licensed landfill;
  2. acceptance of totally separated yard waste for composting;
  3. acceptance of totally separated asphalt/concrete/brick rubble;
  4. acceptance of totally separated lead-acid batteries for recycling;
  5. acceptance of totally separated appliances for recycling;
  6. acceptance of tires for recycling;
  7. acceptance of used oils placed in 1 gallon plastic containers for recycling.

Fees at the transfer station-composting operation are:

Waste to be transferred per ton $47.10
Minimum Charge $20.00
Waste to be transferred per ton (for haulers over 15,000 tons per year) $44.00
Minimum Charge $20.00
Yard waste for composting per ton $15.00
Minimum Charge $7.50
Clean asphalt for grind per ton $15.00
Minimum Charge $7.50
Additional charge per tire $ 5.00

The following items are for sale (when available):

Composted yard waste for sale per ton $7.50

City of North Platte: Public Service: Trash Facts

Trash Facts

The City of North Platte collects an average 128 tons of yard waste per week from North Platte residents during the months of April thru November.† Thatís an average of 256,000 pounds of yard waste per week, or 8,704,000 pounds per year.† This equates to an average 989 pounds (almost half a ton) per year from each resident that the City crews collect from.

You, as a resident, could turn your yard waste carts back to the City and save $3.00 per month for each yard waste cart IF you took care of your own yard waste by mowing your grass with a mulching-type mower and you composted other yard waste to make a usable soil amendment for your lawn and garden.† This could also save you in fertilizing and watering costs.

If you do have excess yard waste/tree waste, you can haul it yourself to the Cityís composting site at the Transfer Station and dump it free of charge.† Call 535-6710 for directions to the composting site.

City of North Platte: Public Service: Shop Fees

Sanitation Fees

Yard waste disposal, per ton $15.00
Minimum $7.50
For sale when available
Composted yard waste, per ton — For sale when available $7.50
Waste transferred, per ton $47.65
Waste transferred, per ton
(for haulers over 15,000 tons per year)
Minimum $20.00

Plus $0.25 per ton so long as the North Platte rack rate for #2 diesel is more than $4.00 per gallon, and an additional $0.25 per ton for each $0.50 added to said rack rate per gallon over $4.00

Example: #2 diesel $4.00 - $4.50 per gallon: add $0.25 per ton; rack rate $4.50 - $5.00: add $0.50 per ton; rack rate at $5.00 - $5.50 add $0.75 per ton, etc.

Clean asphalt per ton $15.00
Minimum $7.50
Clean concrete per ton $15.00
Minimum $7.50
Any load not properly covered or secured double set rate
Additional charge per tire $5.00
Additional charge, per each refrigerant appliance such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners $15.00
1 cart service per month $21.00
2 cart service per month $24.00
Extra carts each per month $3.00
Cart delivery fee $10.00
Broken/damaged cart fee, each $54.00
Mulch at designated tree disposal site no charge
Loading Mulch, per load $25.00
All electronic equipment dropped off at the household hazardous waste collection site $0.25 per lb.
Returned check charge, all Public Service Department Divisions $25.00
Miscellaneous utility hookup in the parks for special events, per hookup, per day $5.00

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