The Mission of the North Platte Fire Department is to enhance the quality of life in our community by protecting lives, property and the environment through preparation and prevention.

Fire – Administration

North Platte Fire Department
715 South Jeffers
North Platte NE 69101


For non-emergencies (business office) and ambulance billing:
(308) 535-6762
(308) 535-6764 Fax

The North Platte Fire Department operates three shifts.  Each shift is on duty 24 hours, off duty 24 hours for five shifts and then observes Kelly Days (6 days off).  Our department is a combination department consisting of 39 Shift Personnel, 3 Administrators, 2 Fire Prevention and 1 Maintenance.

All paid shift members are EMT’s.  At present, the North Platte Fire Department has 19 Paramedics and 3 EMT-I’s.  Our ISO (Insurance Service Organization) rating is 3.


Fire Chief:  Dennis Thompson 308-535-6761
Assistant Chief:  Trent Kleinow 308-535-6763
Administrative Secretary III:  Alice Wipplinger 308-535-6762
Fire Marshal:  George Lewis 308-535-6768
Deputy Fire Marshal: Mike McConnell 308-535-6768
Secretary II:  Tara Kaszycki 308-535-6762

The North Platte Fire Department has three fire stations located at:

Station 1   715 South Jeffers Street
Station 2   1302 North Sycamore
Station 3   3501 West 2nd Street

2014 Annual Report

Each year the North Platte Fire Department produces an annual report containing statistical information on its service to the community.

Fire Calls

In 2014 the North Platte Fire Department responded to 867 incidents that required a fire engine, which is up 292 from 2013.

673 or 77.6% of these calls were in the city limits of North Platte.
194 or 22.4% were in the North Platte Rural Fire District.
20 of these were mutual aid responses to other fire departments.

Total property loss for the North Platte Fire District was $636,550.00. Of that loss, $254,050.00 or 39.91% occurred within the city limits of North Platte. $382,500.00 or 60.01% of the total property loss occurred in the North Platte Rural Fire District.

Responses by Station-
Station 1 – 305 or 35.18% of the fire calls
Station 2 – 354 or 40.83% of the fire calls
Station 3 – 208 or 23.99% of the fire calls.

December was our busiest month, Saturday our busiest day of the week and the busiest time of the day was from 09:00-09:59.

Emergency Medical Services

During 2014, North Platte Fire Department personnel responded to 2,921 calls. Emergency/Medical/Ambulance calls. This was an decrease of .9943% or 17 calls from the previous year. There was an increase of 1.79% or $26,613.57 in the billed revenue. The total billed revenue for 2014 was $1,457,992.86.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) emergency calls were the majority of the total calls. The North Platte Fire Department ran 1,207 ALS emergency calls and 1,214 BLS calls throughout Lincoln County and the surrounding area, which included 170-tiered responses. A tiered response occurs when a smaller town’s ambulance crew realizes that their patient needs more definitive care by a paramedic. This crew then calls the 911 center and a North Platte Fire Department ambulance is dispatched to meet the rural unit. Examples of these calls would be diabetic reactions, chest pains, cardiac disorders, major trauma, severe respiratory, and seizure patients. Our tiered responses have ranged from 11 in 1997 to 170 in 2014 which is a new record for the North Platte Fire Department.

Saturday was the busiest day for the North Platte Ambulances and the busiest time of the day was between 17:00-17:59.

2014 Tier Responses by Towns

Sutherland- 36
Maxwell- 11
Curtis/Frontier County- 24
Thedford- 13
Mullen- 9
Wallace- 9
Paxton- 9
Maywood/Wellfleet- 20
Stapleton- 17
Brady- 6
McPherson County- 8
Arnold- 6
Hayes Center- 0
Private (Midwest Medical)- 0